What you need to know about the new control panel & app

CG Drives and Automation has developed a brand new control panel for FDU/VFX Drives. The new control panel communicates via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi making it possible to upload parameters or download data from your AC Drive remotely through a fully compatible app.

The display of the new PPU-design makes four full lines visible, so large amounts of on-screen information is available without the need to scroll. With the new built-in real-time clock (RTC) function you can always keep track of time, giving you a powerful tool for analysis and operational measures. RTC can also be used for programmed start/stop functions and e.g. keep a weekly schedule.

Operate your AC Drive remotely though a fully compatible app (Android och iOS). Inaccessible or enclosed drives are automatically mirrored on your screen and now available at your fingertips regardless of your location.