CG Emotron releases new control platform 2.1

The new control board for Emotron the FDU and VFX AC drive series is here!

Hand-in-hand with this new control board Emotron has also upgraded its existing control platform to revision 2.1 and named its new products FDU2.1 and VFX2.1.

The new control board still has the familiar I/O terminal strip interface but with some additions, greatly extending and improving some important functions.

The new insulated RS485 serial communication input allows the simultaneous use of communication bus options. A connection for an external 24VDC standby power supply keeps the Ethernet communication bus option alive during a complete loss of the mains supply, preventing interruptions on the used bus system.

Some of the additions as offered by the upgraded software:

  • SpinStart function for both asynchrone and PM motors, detecting the rotation or load of e.g. a rotor or water flow and adjusting to it for an optimal start without the need of an external sensor
  • Speed ​​Droop Control, allowing two or more drives and motors connected to the same load - such as a conveyor belt - sense that load and work together sharing the load without the need for any external communication  
  • Fire Mode setting, to keep a critical drive running regardless of its circumstances
  • A kWh-pulse signal allowing you to keep check of exact used kWh via a digital output
  • Motor I2t Limit with minimum speed limitation, allowing you to still run e.g. a pump on a minimal level when the system is under great stress, often preventing unnecessary tripping
  • Improved Flux Optimization options for a more efficient operation
  • Improved V/Hz Drive Mode (in VFX2.1)
  • Brake Chopper option active in STOP mode


“As for all Emotron improvements, this development has been created with the customer in mind, aiming for robust and reliable products that are easy to use.

With this new control platform and its improved communication, Emotron have laid a strong foundation for future features, functions and application specific variants,” says Claes Bjäreholt, CEO of CG Drives & Automation.

The first products is shipped from the factory in Helsingborg in July 2020.