The right amount of air

CG ensures that blower operation is continuously adapted to demand, for example, in order to maintain the required oxygen level in a water treatment process. Energy consumption and maintenance are minimised.

Efficient operation saves energy

Emotron AC drives continuously adapt flow/pressure to the level required for minimised wear and maximum energy savings. Inefficiency due to blocked filters, a worn belt or partially opened dampers is detected immediately. Parameters can be set in your own process units, making monitoring easier and safer.

Smooth starts lessen mechanical stress

Emotron softstarters greatly reduce start currents, minimising mechanical stress and allowing you to use smaller fuses and less expensive cables. The results are reduced energy, installation and maintenance costs. The built-in torque control enables smoother starts with constant acceleration. This means improved process control and reduced maintenance.

Protection against damage and downtime

CG offers efficient protection of your blowers, saving maintenance and downtime costs. Our shaft power monitors, also built into our other products, prevent damage and inefficiency by sending a warning or stopping the process. This is done by using a unique technique of calculating motor shaft power. Any over- and underload situation is detected immediately, across the entire speed range. Using the motor as its own sensor means that no costly and service-demanding external sensors are required.