Eco-smart solution from CG Drives & Automation paid for in 3 months!

The Skövde wastewater plant is one of the oldest in Sweden. Five out of six million cubic metres of wastewater from Skövde Municipality is treated here annually. The treatment process takes place in three steps: mechanical, chemical and biological treatment, and then the purified wastewater is released to recipients. The problem was to control the three inlet pumps. CG solved it by connecting a smart pump control unit.

Recurring problem with flooding when it rains

The Skövde wastewater plant is a much used facility which, for many years has had problems with the existing pumps not working optimally when it rains. Large volumes of rain have caused semi-purified water to leak into streams and rivers around Skövde. The waterways have, as a consequence, shown increased guideline values.

Ingenious solution from CG

The problem was to control the three inlet pumps. The desired level should be held in the inlet basin, but at the same time the flow into the plant cannot get too high. CG solved it by connecting a smart pump control unit.

The pump control unit works like a master device for a multi-pump system and, at the inlet pumps, maintains the required level in the pool with a controlled flow in the wastewater plant. The system is finely tuned, and this ensures that the wastewater plant keeps running and the flow in the pumps can be controlled when it rains.

The illustration shows 2-6 units that can be controlled with one Emotron Master. The picture shows 3 pcs Emotron FDU 2.0 AC drives.

Major benefits

The solution provided by CG means, of course, large environmental benefits and a good reputation for the Skövde wastewater plant and the municipality. It also saves money every time it rains. About SEK 30,000 was saved in three months, as well as a reduced need for man hours as fewer sample tests are required.

The Skövde wastewater plant – a satisfied CG customer

The Skövde wastewater plant is very satisfied with the installation of CG's AC drives and support available with the new solution. The solution has been in operation for over two years and it proved itself straightaway. It rained the day it was installed, and the customer saw its effect already on the first day. ”CG's AC drives are very good; their support and service is outstanding,” says Tommy Mårdberg, from Skövde Municipality. An installation with a similar solution is planned for Hjo.


Customer: The Skövde Wastewater Plant in Skövde, Sweden 
Challenge: To reduce the pressure on the existing pumps in the wastewater plant and eliminate the risk for flooding when it rains and consequently the release of wastewater in adjacent waterways.
Solution: Emotron smart pump control as a master for the multi-pump system.



Emotron FlowDrive (FLD48-026)
  • Up to 37% energy savings
  • Reduced stop/start cycling
  • Automatic sump cleaning
  • Savings on capital expenditure