Water Handling

Saving energy and equipment

A sewage treatment plant uses Emotron AC drives and softstarters to control pumps, blowers and mixers, and shaft power monitors to protect sludge scrapers and screw conveyors. The result is more reliable control and energy and maintenance savings.

Read this and other case studies from water/wastewater plants.

Emotron Bladel implements IIoT solution on pumps

Water specialists at Porsch in Germany use Emotron FDU drives in their irrigation systems.

Emotron VFDs drive agricultural irrigation

Water specialists at Porsch in Germany use Emotron FDU drives in their irrigation systems.

Saving energy at Koloa landings pool & spa

Koloa Landing Resort in Kauai utilizes Eco-Flow-C® Aquatic Variable Frequency Drives based on the Emotron FDU. The result is drastically reduced energy costs.

Sustainable pump station with PM motors and wind-powered drives

In 2021-2022, the Vissering Polder Pumping Station underwent comprehensive renovation, embracing the future with three PM motors featuring Emotron liquid-cooled variable frequency drives.

Smart drive functions avoid unnecessary maintenance

At Kalmar water, reliable operation is a must. The area of responsibility, which includes approximately 150 pump stations, previously required daily calls to manually stop and reverse pumps.

Variable frequency drives for innovative extraction well

A new contemporary extraction well keeps Brabant Water continuously informed of water levels and water quality. The same information is used by the variable frequency drives, contributing to significally improved efficiency.

Water levelling with Emotron VFD and fish friendly pump

As the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard water board needed to replace the pump in Lekdijk-West in Bergambacht they found the ideal solution using a fish-friendly pump with a permanent magnet electric motor and Emotron AFE variable frequency drive feeding generated energy directly back to the grid.

Variable frequency drives for reverse osmosis pumps

When used in reverse osmosis plants, robust Emotron variable frequency drives made up of flexible, interchangeable building blocks (PEBBs) ensures a high operational efficiency and low repair requirements. 

Significant energy savings with Emotron high power drives in drinking water pump application

After an investment in Emotron drives, the Turkish municipality of Batman city has reduced its energy consumption by 10% - by replacing softstarters with VFDs and PID control. 

A VFD for efficiency - Emotron regulates Vitens’ deep well pump with less energy

Vitens, the largest drinking water supplier in the Netherlands  ensure the purity of drinking water every day, around the clock. They consistently surmount this challenge with the help of Emotron VFDs.

Örebro municipality saves 37% on energy with Emotron FlowDrive VFD

Örebro in south-central Sweden is one of the country’s largest cities. The authorities there have been working with CG Emotron since 2010, and is using the company’s VFDs and soft starters in many of their facilities.

Even pressure and longer life thanks to CG Drives & Automation

Varying pressure in the water pipes has been a problem for Hässleholm Vatten. This has now been solved with a simple VFD solution from CG Drives & Automation.