Even pressure and longer life thanks to CG Drives & Automation

Hässleholms Vatten is responsible for the general water and sewerage installations within Hässleholm municipality. The installations consist of 13 waterworks, 8 booster stations, 87 pumping stations, 15 purification plants and a total of 1270 km of water and sewerage pipes. Hässleholms Vatten is responsible for the water supply for about 38,700 of the municipality’s residents. A total of 3.8 million m3 of drinking water is supplied annually. Varying pressure in the water pipes has been a problem for Hässleholm Vatten. This has now been solved with a simple solution from CG Drives & Automation.

Multi-pump system

Hässleholm, just like many other municipalities, needs to regulate parameters such as the pressure with several pumps.
The following specifications apply:

  • The pressure must be kept stable.
  • When another pump needs to be started, this must be done optimally.
  • When demand drops, pumps must be stopped in order to optimise the energy consumption.
  • The pumps are run alternately.
  • The system goes automatically to standby mode in response to zero demand.
  • The pumps can be stopped manually for servicing, and the system adapts itself automatically.

Anders Robertsson, CG Drives & Automation & Christer Nilsson, Hässleholms Vatten

Simple and effective problem solution

“As we had extensive experience with CG’s products and saw that both its products and services were of a very high standard, we chose CG Drives & Automation as our supplier,” says Christer Nilsson of Hässleholms Vatten.

The solution with a master to control the existing frequency inverters is a proven solution that has been used for several years in the purification plant.

“When the waterworks and the booster stations were recently upgraded, we decided to continue using CG’s solution,” says Christer Nilsson, Hässleholms Vatten.

Win-win for customer and supplier

For the municipality’s residents in Hässleholm, i.e. Hässleholm Vatten’s customers, this means a steady pressure in their taps.
For Hässleholms Vatten as a supplier, this means steady pressure and less stress on the pipes. A real ”win-win” situation.

Emotron Master controls 3 FDU 2.0 drives.

In brief

Customer Hässleholms Vatten, Hässleholm, Sweden
Challenge To maintain the pressure in the municipality’s water pipes.
Solution An Emotron smart pump controller as a master for the multi-pump system.

Key benefits

  • Steady pressure and less stress on the water pipes
  • Reliable operation and constant control
  • Cost savings
  • Work savings (less maintenance)
  • Flexible solution – an Emotron master unit can be used to control any make of frequency inverters