Robust products for heavy operations

The robust CG products are well suited for the heavy operations in your sawmill. Controlled stops of saws and rotors and full power for efficient conveyor operation saves you valuable processing time as well as investment and maintenance costs.

Efficient conveyor for debarking feed

Emotron AC drives ensure the right feeding rate when taking in timber for debarking or transporting bark from the process. Direct torque control handles abrupt load changes, reducing mechanical stress and preventing interruptions and false trips. A heavily loaded conveyor is efficiently started by utilising the full motor capacity from standstill. Fitting the AC drive with a brake resistor also lets you stop the feed extremely quickly. A built-in load monitor detects any deviation from your selected load levels, for example, if a belt is broken or overloaded.


Quick stop of saws without external brakes

A saw often requires a quick stop for security or productivity reasons. The advanced braking functionality of Emotron softstarters eliminates the need for expensive and space-consuming external brakes. Quick and safe stops are ensured by the built-in vector brake, or the built-in reverse current brake for band saws and saw applications requiring even shorter braking times.

Reducer stopped in seconds

Cutting the braking time of the reducer rotor, bark rotor or bark stripper can save valuable processing time. This equipment usually requires several minutes in which they coast freely while decelerating to a standstill. The built-in vector and reverse current brake of the Emotron softstarter can often reduce the braking time down to seconds.

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