VFD, softstarters and drive solutions for Marine environments

Whether you are a shipbuilder or system integrator, Emotron drive solutions reduce energy and maintenance cost.


  • All VFD / variable frequency drives available in both IP54 and IP20/21
  • 400 to 690 V range for the full power range up to 4MW
  • AFE-technology
  • Both air-cooled and liquid-cooled drives
  • Modular design in bespoke cabinets
  • Compact high power solutions for small spaces


At CG Drives and Automation Emotron our project team structure guarantees a fast response and extensive experience at your fingertips. 

The Emotron worldwide service network 

With a worldwide partner network and remote access solutions, we can offer service contracts to fit your needs. The complete service offer includes:

  • Remote access
  • Test facilities
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Commissioning
  • Extended warranty
  • 24/7 support
  • Repairs
  • Rentals
  • Application diagnostics

Marine certificates and quality assurance

At Emotron, expert knowledge is always at your fingertips. Your marine project team will follow you every step of the way. We manage a design review followed by an in-house survey when necessary and have well-established contacts with all the major certifying bodies, such as DNV, BV etc.

We test all of your components individually before commissioning for your peace of mind.

VFD solutions enabling onshore power supply

Secure the power supply and (to reduce CO2 emissions) regardless of your energy source. With Emotron VFD solutions you are not only free to choose voltage and frequency levels, you also have the ability to change effortlessly between them.

A solution from Emotron holds a flexible modular design with high redundancy, using up to 20 interchangeable PEBBs (Power Electronic Building Blocks) in IP54 with a choice of air or liquid cooling, active dynamic filters and special software for shore supply.

Fuel treatment

Variable frequency drives for fuel treatment systems such as micronizers normally involves several components resulting in expensive solutions and a high level of administration.

In Emotron's VFD solutions the bypass contactor, sensor, real time clock, temperature controller, switches and fuses are all included - a cabinet is not necessary. Internal logic functions considers the HFO temperature and starts only at safe intervals to eliminate the risk of equipment damage.  


When used for exhaust cleaning on ships, robust and reliable Emotron pump drives are particularly energy efficient. Make your scrubber setup complete with Emotron FDU drives for all your scrubber system pumps.

Your Emotron VFD products can be customised to the level you require. Own branding is a natural part of our processes. Specific marine requirements such as unique coloring, cable adaptations and particular labelling requirements are easily met with the help of our skilled marine project teams.

Cranes and hoists

Crane operations – whether on the high seas or dockside – require robustness and reliability. All of our marine crane solutions are designed to handle a 150% overload. Several special features also contribute to cost-efficient crane operations on board, such as optimized grab control, automatic field weakening operation and versatile mechanical brake control. All using direct torque control as basis.

Emotron offer standardized control packages with hardware and software in plug-and-play solutions. The Emotron VFD with direct torque control (VFX) provides superior control performance for cranes, hoists and winches, achieving full torque at standstill (0 Hz). See also active heave compensation.


Let Emotron variable frequency drives take care of both basic and complex winch handling, including mooring, anchoring, towing, windlass work, stowage and hose handling.

When raising and lowering the anchors, conditions and load may vary a lot. Good moment-to-moment control is necessary for e.g. auto-tensioning, braking and torque/speed control. VFDs from Emotron can do all this, and a lot more. They have specialized winch handling abilities such as master-follower solutions, for when two or more winches are sharing a load.

Solutions for electric and hybrid marine vessels

Optimize your energy by connecting power sources, generators and batteries regardless of power and operational levels. Harness shaft power and re-use through Emotron’s advanced AFE-technology. Flexible modular design and smart space solutions make even the most powerful MW-solutions easily integrated. 

With a voltage feedback you have the option for closed loop voltage control. Additionally, a DC/DC step-up converter can adapt battery levels to the higher system voltage. With LCL-filter as standard you are guaranteed optimum low harmonic content regardless of your operation.

Support for all high efficiency motor types makes the Emotron drive ideal for complex projects. A compact Emotron drive solution for your main drive in combination with a control system allows you to take all the advantages of modern environmental friendly solutions and go fully electric.

Propulsion systems and thrusters

Robust drives from Emotron operate well in extreme engine-room conditions, resisting the forces of heat, vibration and humidity. Liquid cooling systems for freshwater or seawater, that tolerate high water cooling temperatures help ensure high performance safely and efficiently.

The complete range of VFDs are available in both IP20/21 and IP54 specifically prepared for marine vibration.

Stabilizers and active heave compensation

Emotron offers dynamic drive properties for your most advanced marine applications. The superior performance of the variable frequency drive (Emotron VFX) can keep high torque even at the lowest speed levels. Its fast and accurate real time communication through a wide range of bus and I/O connections makes it ideal for your active heave compensation needs.


HVAC systems are the lungs of any marine vessel. Using Emotron AC drives for HVAC and other fan systems to provide accurate airflow control is a major contributor to the efficient use of energy.

AC drives are used to control the HVAC on many types of vessels, for example, cruise liners. The need of AC drives to control for this kind of vessels are 150 to 300 units depending on the size of the ship, ranging from 3 to 30kW and usually powered by 440V, 60 Hz.


Speed control can reduce the energy consumption of pumps by up to 50% by continuously adapting operation to demand. Soft starts reduce the hydraulic and mechanical stress on pipes and gaskets. Linear stops eliminate the risk of water hammer, without costly motor-controlled valves.

Every pump has its own requirements. A main engine directly connected to the propeller depends on a flow of water for cooling and may face a number of challenges. Emotron´s solution for main engine cooling pumps is based on sensing the temperature of the engine and establishing the correct flow of water regardless of the engine speed.

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