Emotron VSX

High performance dynamic drives for small AC motors

THE EMOTRON VSX series drive offers customised solutions for your application in a compact design with technologically advanced functions capable of driving induction and permanent magnet motors. The LCD graphical display offers a user-friendly interface and the set up will have your system up and running in time.


  • LCD graphical display with oscilloscope feature as  standard
  • Optimized and compact structural design, leading technology platform
  •  Excellent performance with high starting torque, strong overload capability with 200% of rated load for 1sec
  • High-speed pulse input and output up to 100KHz
  • Compatible with Induction Motor (IM)  and Permanent Magnet Motor (PMSM)
  • V/F fully separated and semi-separated operation
  • Built-in PLC logic functions, virtual digital I/Os with multi logic functions, timer and comparators
  • Robust drives with conformal coated boards enable use in hot and humid climate.
  • Detachable cooling fan for easy cleaning or replacement
  • Standard rated 50oC ambient temperature.
  • Built-in C3 Class EMC Filter

Technical data

Emotron VSX IP20 Version

Power Range: 0.75kW to 22kW

Supply voltage: 3 Phase 380-415 VAC ±20%, 50/60 Hz

Rated current: 2.5 Amp to 45 Amp at 50oC

Protection class: IP2X

Communication Support:  Built in RS485, ProfibusDP (Optional)

Approvals: CE